R Series Carbon – Shock Removal and Install


Before working on your Optibike always turn off the main power switch located on the battery.

Tools in this guide

  • 5mm Allen Key Wrench
  • Torque Wrench with 5mm Allen Key

Torque Specifications

Shock Bolts: 70 – 80 in-lbs

Wheel Bolts: 130 – 170 in-lbs


Remove Rear Wheel

Turn the Rohloff shifter to gear 14
At the rear wheel, remove the gear shifter cable assembly by turning the thumb screw counter-clockwise. You may need to wiggle the assembly a little to get it off.
Next, remove both the axle bolts that are holding the wheel on. These have a lock washer inside and will take some force to loosen. You will also hear a loud noise as the bolt releases, which is normal.
Right side.

Unbolt Shock

Next, you are going to unbolt the shock bolts.
You’ll need to use an allen wrench on both sides of each shock bolt, these have thread locker on them when installed so they can be stiff when removing them.
Next, you’ll likely need to tap out the sleeve nuts from the shock and bike. Find a small screwdriver or rod that will fit inside the threads and go all the way into the sleeve.
Using a hammer, tap the sleeve out of the frame. And repeat for the lower shock sleeve.
Sleeve after removal.

Remove Shock from Bike

To remove the shock, position it like shown here, with your hands underneath to protect the frame and guide the shock out.
Let the rear of the shock drop down and touch the linkage assembly.
This can take some force, as it’s a very tight fit. Start moving the shock out to the side as shown here.
Shock has cleared the mounts.
Shock fully clear of the bike.

Changing Shock Spring (If Needed)

Begin by loosening the preload adjustment nut.
Preload nut loosened.
On the other end of the shock, push the retaining collar down off the end of the shock.
Remove the retaining collar, and slide the spring off the shock body.
Spring removed. To install the spring simply do the same steps in reverse.

Installing Shock into Bike

Apply grease to the outer surface of the sleeve nuts.
Spread grease evenly.
Reinstall shock in bike by placing the rear end in first, then working the front in. The spring will touch the swingarm in the process but won’t do any damage to it.
Install the sleeves with grease applied into the shock. Install from the left side, and push all the way in until seated.
Apply threadlocker to the bolts.
Recommended typed of threadlocker.
With an allen wrench on both sides of the bolts, tighten down slightly.
Using a torque wrench, torque bolts to specified torque (see top of this page).

Install Rear Wheel

When installing the rear wheel, make sure that the anti-rotation notch lines up properly with the stub on the swingarm.
Notch seated properly.
When installing the wheel axle bolts, the left side bolt is the shorter one.
Use a torque wrench to tighten the wheel axle bolts to the specified torque (see top of this page).