Adjusting Brake Sensors – Pioneer and Essex

Tools in this guide

  • 2mm Allen/Hex Wrench
  • 7mm Open End Wrench


First, move the plastic cover if present by sliding it down the cable a few inches.

Next, using a 2mm Allen Key, loosen the set screw located on the bottom of the brake a few turns.

Now you can use a 7mm Wrench to adjust the brake sensor nut.

Screwing the nut clockwise will make it more sensitive.

If your brake sensors are activating when you are not using the brakes, rotate the nut counter-clockwise 1-2 turns, and then test the sensors by riding the bike.

When riding, if you pull the brake in with the throttle on, you should feel the motor shut off as you apply the brakes.

Keep adjusting the sensors until they work properly. Then tighten the set screw again on the bottom of the brake.